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The Idea
For a very long time now, I have imagined myself crossing the seas and oceans, travelling through deserts and meadows– exploring the six Continents. Stories written in books and magazines were not enough for me to just read, I felt the need to experience all of these adventures for myself. I have thus decided to challenge myself to travel the world by gearing up my motorcycle- BMW F800 GS Adventure! My goal is a two and a half year, solo trip around the world, covering 120 000 kilometers while visiting 50, or if I am successful even 60 nations. And my hope is that I will become the first Lithuanian to ride a bike around the world. 87 years ago a similar journey was made by our legend Matas Šalčius.  On his journey, he managed to visit 40 nations while spreading Lithuania‘s name in places you could never imagine. There is a very important and noble mission behind this journey – to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania‘s Independence. Celebrate the freedom! We are FREE TO...!  During this mission I hope to gain your full support, which I will definitely need.
The Mission
Of course I travel because I am attracted by unknown lands, wild nature and the freedom that can only be felt while cruising on a motorcycle. However, the more I prepared for this tour, the more I began to feel, that this journey must have a much bigger meaning than just to fulfill a dream.

  • I want to honor the 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania‘s Independence together will all Lithuanians around the globe. Together with those, which I will meet in my journey, and with those at home spending every single moment with me in their minds, we will celebrate this incredible milestone.
  • I want to inspire all people who have dreams, but for some reason, are afraid to step forward and pursue them. To help them all remember – we are all free to ride!

I am proud to be Lithuanian, to be born and raised in a country with such a long and glorious history. Thanks to many brave Lithuanians, we are now able to live in a free country.

I am thankful for the freedom of being able to hop on my motorcycle and ride freely around the world, without the fear of prohibition. Many brave and fearless Lithuanians have inspired me and my mission by their ability to overcome their fears and accomplish what others could only have dreamed of: Darius and Girėnas, who dared to cross the Atlantic; alpinist Valdas Vitkauskas, who raised the Lithuanian tricolor flag on the highest mountains in the world; the “Ambersail“ team, who crossed the oceans; and the bikers (motorcyclists) who traveled throughout the world – Matas Šalčius, Antanas Poška.

My goal is to continue where Matas Šalčius left off – to meet Lithuanians abroad and together, to celebrate this magnificent event.  This honorable mission bears not only a huge responsibility for me, but also a great challenge.

The Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence will be commemorated on 16th February, 2018. It will be my duty to make it back on time to celebrate this day back home, here in Lithuania. May the winds be always in my favor!

Why the motorcycle, you ask? It is the symbol of freedom, because it is up to you to choose the way you want to travel, it may be on a road or a field, in a desert or a swamp.  Your body feels both the cold and the heat, the clear view up in the sky above your head your able to see birds, smell even the slightest fragrances – there is nothing between your senses and the world around you. Nothing between you and the Universe that you feel part of.  This is the greatest sense of Freedom!

Freedom is the greatest fortune of a individual and a nation. By being free, we can grow, explore, discover, choose the path of our life, and, finally, be what you want to be!

Friend! I have given all my strength for the education and freedom of my country, but achieved a little. Continue with my work.
(Matas Šalčius)
Matas Šalčius (1890-1940) – a Lithuanian traveler, journalist, writer, socialite. This person is mentioned here for a reason – this is a man of great spirit who has given his life to Lithuanianism and who still inspires everyone with his great accomplishments. In the Teachers‘ Convention that took place in 1914 in Russia this young teacher spoke against the Russification policy in Lithuanian schools. This cost him his right to be a teacher and resulted in the exile from the Kaunas province. He continued his journey through China and Japan and finished in the U.S. When M. Šalčius came back home to Lithuania in 1919, he continued his teachings, established the Riflemen‘s Union, and became a secretary in the Board of the Union of Tourism. In 1929, he started his life‘s journey around the world, and after having travelled for 4 years, published 6 autobiographical volumes called “ Svečiuose pas 40 tautų“, (A Guest in 40 Countries)which became an all-time best-seller for Lithuanian travel literature. “All I want is to travel around the world on a motorcycle, this way reaching the first record in Lithuania. But what draws me into this trip are the distant, unseen lands and countries.”– a quote from the book. 

While Matas Šalčius visited South America, he tried to unite his fellow countrymen living abroad, but his efforts were rejected. His journeys continued through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay. His adventures, however, ended in 1940.  While in the Bolivian Jungle, Šalčius caught a brain fever and tragically died way too soon.

During his travels, this Lithuanian has not only experienced new cultures, wrote and talked about them to his fellow Lithuanian countrymen, but also spread the news to others about his homeland. He learned English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Polish languages. For many Lithuanians, his stories of his travels were the only way that they learned about such foreign lands, countries, and languages.

Travelling gear
Model F800GS Adventure
Type Adventure Touring
Year 2016
Cylinders 2
Power 85AG
Gears 6
Drive Endless O-ring chain
Max. speed 193 km/h