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About me,
My name is Tadas Gelžinis, 31 years old. They say, when your age hits thirty, it is the time, when a person
rethinks the meaning of life and starts to look for it. 

I was born in Klaipėda, where I grew up. As a child I was always surrounded by water and nature.

All of my summers were spent at the beach, near the sea.  So naturally, my first dreams were to live
somewhere warm, near the water, so that I could enjoy these summer  pleasures all year long. As time
passed, my dreams have changed.  I did not want to live in one place near the sea – I wanted to see
the world!

Over my not very long life, I have already visited about 30 countries. I have never been to South America,
thus, I am thrilled to go there, experience the culture, the beauty of their nature. As a typical child of
nature, I love to go on adventures through the wilderness: mountains, seas, lakes, forests and
fauna. I am an easy-going person, and these experiences with new cultures and people are
one of the most exciting ways to broaden the horizons. 
I enjoy experiencing new dishes and
local cuisines, not always in prestigious fancy restaurants – sometimes the tastiest dishes
are made just on the street. If you are not afraid to risk, life gives you gifts.

I have admired motorcycles since I can remember – in the beginning they
seemed to be something special, later on they became the symbol of
freedom, as they can guide you to places unreachable with other means
of transport. 
It was three years ago that I rode a motorcycle
for the first time – an Enduro at my uncle‘s place. It was a perfect
vehicle to try to reach places in the wilderness. Through my
experiences traveling, I have discovered that I prefer to travel alone.
This allows to choose the preferable route, speed, and in the end, just
be alone, by myself. This is the time to think about goals, challenges,
and my own “route of life“.
I will not hide the fact that all my hobbies are very active. Even now, it surprises me, how much time I have given to sport.
From my early days, I have played basketball.  I quite enjoy jogging. While living in Copenhagen, I learned how to play squash.
A couple of years ago I got swept up in kiteboarding. During winter season, together with friends, we head to the snowy mountains
for Skiing and snowboarding.  And when all of this is still not enough, I parachute, or jump with rope. Starting this journey, I have to
make a confession – I am not a fanatic optimist. I do realize all the possible dangers. I worry about accidents, breakdowns, theft, and
other misfortunes.  I understand that I have limited driving experience, I am not a mechanic, and I do not know
the Spanish language. 
However, over the time I have spent abroad, I have learned a valuable lesson – I understand,
that positive thinking and leaving things as they are will bring you success. Frequently, people do not even realize
that sometimes the situation depends not on them, but only on the circumstances, so the only thing you can do
think positive!  What’s more, I am stubborn – everything I have already achieved, I do so, by being not afraid
to reach for my dreams and ideas. I am inspired by brave and fearless Lithuanians, who were able to
overcome their fears and accomplish what others could only dream of: Darius and Girėnas, who
stormed the Atlantic, alpinist Valdas Vitkauskas, who raised Lithuanian tricolor on the highest
mountains in the world, “Ambersail“ team, who crossed the oceans, and the bikers, who travelled
through the world – Matas Šalčius, Antanas Poška.

I believe that during this journey, my family, friends and Lithuanian people will support me, and my
Samogitian stubbornness will drive me. I hope that even more Lithuanians, wherever they are, would
find their place in this mission and feel as they are travelling together with me. I wish that this journey
would become an interesting and inspiring Journey of Life for all.